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β€œThe only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”         – Julia Child

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Butternut Squash Enchilada Casserole

 Forthcoming will be,  frosty  shorter days and those long chilly nights. The Northern Hemisphere braces for another winter season.

Canada, a country which stretches to the Artic knows the brunt of   how  harsh & bitter cold winters can be. Our grocery stores will fill with foreign produce and a steep increase in prices.  We rely on global markets to feed Canadians… It’s the modern way of life. Traditional ways for most have been forgotten. 

14.1 million homes & 1.5 million condos owned by Canadians.

How many have a seasonal vegetable garden. Despite this increasing interest, there is little published material on the scale and significance of personal food growing in developed countries.  It is however estimated that only 2.8 million Canadian household have vegetable gardens

There are a number of benefits that may be derived from the practice of growing food.
These include better eating habits ,the satisfaction of growing, eating and sharing self-grown and providing people with a space, to be alone, or to be with others,
and to spend time outdoors. Such benefits may vary socially and by ethnicity with a number of qualitative studies concluding in Europe, conducted over several decades.
That lower income groups and people from ethnic minorities value food growing sites for the opportunity to build social interaction and community cohesion.

Canning Stewed Tomatoes: Simply the Best Recipe: Yield 8-10 litres // Ingredients: 10 kilos mix of Roma and Field Tomatoes, 6-8 large yellow or white onions diced, 6-8 cloves of garlic minced, 3-4 assorted colours of Sweet Bell Peppers diced, I large bouquet of celery diced, 250ml of sugar, 125ml of Coarse salt, 75ml Black Pepper./// Remove skin and preferred seeds from Tomatoes, (If removing seeds strain the pulp and seeds through sifter, The juice is red rich and phenomenal in flavour) Combine all ingredient in a 8-12 litre Stewing Pot, Bring to Boil, simmer @ least 3-4 hours until reduced at least 1/4 or until all water is steamed off. Put in sterilized jars heated in oven 110 C / 250F 1 hr. prior Simple and simply delicious !


Brief History of Canning


1795 Napoleon offers a reward of 12 thousand francs for the invention of a new food preservation method 1809 Nicolas Appert wins Napoleon’s reward Nicolas Appert invented the food-preserving process of boiling (and thereby sterilizing) food in glass jarsβ€”the basis of modern canning. His invention freed people from the need for fresh food, allowing them to preserve it by an easy process (as opposed to salting or smoking), enabling food to be kept over long periods of time. 1810 Peter Durand creates the “tin canister” 1858 John L. Mason patents the Mason jar 1884 The Ball Corporation starts manufacturing glass jars for home canning 1903 Alexander H. Kerr and the Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corporation create a home canning supply business 1943 Peak in home canning in the United States, with more than four billion cans and jars processed

canning facts

In addition to saving money, the economic benefits of food growing have sometimes been framed in terms of food security (e.g. Duchemin et al., 2008).

In their review of the literature on community gardens, (Guitart et al. (2012) note a discrepancy between observations about saving money, which are numerous, and explicit quantification of how much money is saved. Yet it is the connection between soil, seeds, the gift of a bountiful Harvest. The Human Race connects.

A discrepancy, interesting in its own terms, becomes more important when considered in the context of the long-time reliance placed on these spaces by some people to provide food in times of economic crisis (Pudup, 2008).

Yabba Dabba Doo!  Canadians are Changing when it comes to their food and changing their communities doing it   Author  Selena Mills  writes

Now What’s For Dessert?   The Black Walnut….. October 2018

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