The Run Along of this n that

Let Go.. Stacey   Ho. it only Little Joey Barber  peeing on the door mat of Mr.Wilson Conroy’s Granny Suite addition on  his $533,485 Art Deco Style Georgian Estate build in 1922 because he’s   watching Mrs. Snyder doing  CartWheels over Mr. Bloomwigs, jaelopeno pepper patch and no surprise, she’s been drinking Rum & EggNog  since the  Goldsteins moved to Florida some around Oct 2008. So Lets Run Along . It’s the Last Page of DjP’s RagBag Corner News 

We’re back  for the Wendy’s Lip Balm Autograph Launch.  relaxing having a what’s happening in Clevland tonight Trixie , Phyllis, Beverly, Jasmine & me . Well I’m the one making  small talk , hoping you might  just Pi*s off  

Iโ€™m just a regular Bacchanalian boozer, a carouser of the local Pubs inebriated drinker , thelocal lush, the tippler toper the bacchanal boozer . What I CANโ€™T FIGURE WHY IS It I am  tied up in a Straight Jacket under a String of under blinking Christmas lights


โ€œWhy fit in when you were born to stand out?โ€his applies to all of us, we were all born to stand out in our own unique way. Unfortunately itโ€™s very easy to fit in, do what everyone else is doing, and get what everyone else gets. Standing out can come in many forms, you can give a standout performance, or you can simply hold ideas and beliefs that are uncommon and go against the grain. So donโ€™t be content just to do things the way everyone else is doing it, stand out like you were meant to!


Cranktitude at me 
Crank that Dog one more time
Crank to the moon for you ole sot
Crank the dank n daylights an be seeing me Rank That Cheese Grater a  dunk munch doin yo combo mustard belly flop two fisted bent over shank

Crank just a tab slab easier than over the shoulder touching  toad and whacking that weasel and swinging that snake with one hand already  squishing a  Jelly donut   

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