The Streets In The City with no Name 🌃🏦🏥🏨

A babel hubbub maze of hysteria…Adios, Chop, Chop. The anarchy of life has driven you down a One way Road on a Dead End Street.

But you’re in Luck

   What you Hit was The Newspaper Box DjP’  RagBag Corner Monthly Pastiche News Report.

But most of all you’re just Pissed Off   So, tie up you shoe lace tuck in your shirt. If you wear lipstick, eyeshadow and use expensive Q10 face paste…Well get it together.
So let’s get you back on Track. And Start with the Welcome Page
  Could  Be  10 – 30min,, maybe 2hrs. , who knows but at Pull out Section 8.2 a momentous spins tip taps a a few times then down around to your right, make a left, or is it East. When you see The Flashy sign that Says “The                      LoOped SideD ScriBbLe Pit?    

 It’s  Where   Parking on either is or the Side of the street is allowed. It’s 2 ways but watched it as it’s  3 levels down under. A off beat spot where the intellectual minds gather. Whether for a chuckle, tidbits of gossip  or anxiously in Wonder of What’s Cooking, A stroll through The Garden Patch & think ? Were their                         Thing we Forgot ? Odds n Ends ,Anything? Look  Straight ahead its “The Last  Page”.    a must read Pit Stop; Tip’s, Chuckles, Amazing  Stuff.  The intersection. Of North South, East, West any direction it right in front of you!! D’s Rag Corner Shop. , Opening Soon, yet hindsight of   Tidbits and samples of The Rag Tag Label; a suggestion box  you can drop  ,Stop, click  or Follow DjP’ RaGbAG  Corner  News Monthly Pastiche Report     


Left, Right, North, East Your detour of One Way Dead End your Chaos, has ended Dazzled by this incredible Hodge Podge of News. Where Everyday   every page is different than the next;, nor is it  like a BBC World Headlines Update Report a “must do share with friends and folks”

If you like and enjoy I hope you do www.DJP58.com.  Stop by again, sign-up, or pass the it on. It a Rag of a paper, A Bag full of everything. And me… DjP… having a Blast, Where Making nothing into Something can be Anything. But when Nothing is Everything..  well That’s Definitely ‘THE BEGINING OF AN HISTORICAL EVENT

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