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Over 5,000 years of history, India has welcomed a multitude of settlers with a variety of belief systems. In order to understand the evolution of the indigenous cuisine of India, one must realize this country is anything but homogenous.  Regions and religions make up a large portion of the cultural fabric of the food. “Indian food” There are many areas within India that have its own unique cooking methods, spices, and local ingredients. Tipping the population scale at over one billion, the diversity of its food is as diverse as its people. – “a cultural blend diversity like no other cuisine on earth. The Masters of Spice Ragbag News Tag You Indian Cusine a must have on your menu

“The Spice”: Arvindas Madras Marsala Spice Blend.  ..A GREAT NAME IN INDIAN SPICES.

LETS START SIMPLE BUT DELIOUS…..Indian STYLE Coleslaw , salads Yummy

Ingredients: Green / Red cabbage, shredded, Kohlrabi bulb, shredded, Red onion, thinly sliced,, shredded carrots, 1large apple, diced,
Sauce: 125ml. of mayo, or Greek Yogurt, 25 ml canola oil or light olive oil, brown sugar to taste, Lemon juice to taste..

Instructions In a large bowl, mix all of the slaw ingredients well. In a small bowl, whisk together all of the sauce ingredients until blended. Add the sauce to the slaw ingredients and mix well. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve chilled. Even better when it sits in the refrigerator overnight so the flavors get a chance to meld together It last weeks in the refrigerator and still tastes fresh. It’s been Quoted: ‘scrumptious’

“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition” ― Mark Twain.


India is officially known as the Republic of IndiaIndia has the second largest population in the world, with over 1.2 billion people (1,205,073,612 as of July 2012). India is the seventh largest country by total area.

South Indian Style Green Moong Sprouts Raw Mango Salad FROM

South Indian Style Green Moong Sprouts Raw Mango Salad Recipe is a delicious easy to make salad and can be served as a side dish along with your main meal or you can even have it by itself as an evening snack.



A full-time foodie with a passion for cooking and baking; now a full-time food blogger!!! Curry and vanilla is a vegetarian blog started to chronicle all my tried out recipes to share with all of you!!

Ingredients; 1/2cup Green Moong Sprouts 1/2 cup Mango (Raw) , finely chopped 1/2 cup Carrot (Gajjar) , grated 1/2 cup Cucumber , chopped  2 tbsp. Coriander (Dhania) Leaves , finely chopped 1 Green Chili , chopped   1 tsp. Fresh coconut , grated 2 tsp. Lemon juice Salt , to taste 2 tsp Fresh coconut , grated(optional)  1 tbsp. Coconut Oil 1/2 teaspoon Mustard seeds   1/4 tsp. Asafoetida (hing)

To begin making the South Indian Style Green Moong Sprouts Raw Mango Recipe, we need to keep the sprouts ready. For this we can either use store bought green moong sprouts.. In a mixing bowl, combine chopped mangoes, grated carrots, green moong sprouts, green chilies and finely chopped coriander leaves.Add salt to taste, lemon juice and  grated coconut (optional). Give it a good stir.The next step is to prepare the tempering. In a small saucepan, heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan. Once the oil is hot, add mustard seeds.Mustard seeds will start to splutter and crackle. Now, add in the asafoetida and immediately remove from flame.Add this tempering to the mixed salad and toss well. Serve crunchy, spicy, healthy mango, sprouts and corn salad at room temperature or as I love it, slightly chilled. Serve this delicious South Indian Style Green Moong Sprouts Raw Mango Recipe as a side dish with your meal of Panchmel DalManipuri Styl

Spicy MiXeD VeGTaBle LoLLiPops

Spicy Mixed Vegetable Lollipop Recipe is a tasty and delicious way of using vegetables to make crunchy and soft party appetizers All the ingredients are bound into a mixture and then shallow fried in a paniyaram pan to give it a crispy but yet done in a healthy way. Paniyaram pan, which is an absolute must in every kitchen

How to make Spicy Mixed Vegetable Lollipop Recipe

Dhaniya Pudina Chutney also known as the Green/Hari Chutney. This chutney is made from fresh coriander and mint leaves along with green chillies, ginger and lemon and a dash of sugar that gives this chutney a unique flavor

4 Potatoes (Aloo) , boiled
1 Carrot (Gajjar) , grated
1 cup Cabbage (Patta Gobi/ Muttaikose) , finely chopped
1 Onion , finely chopped
1/2 teaspoon Red chilli powder
1/4 teaspoon Turmeric powder (Haldi)
1 teaspoon Coriander owder (Dhania)
1 teaspoon Garam marsala powder
Salt , to taste
Cooking oil , for cooking



Heard of Chai tea? It’s the number one popular beverage in India, and there are various other kinds of tea as well. Some of the most famous teas include Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiri, and Kangra.


DarKRo0M w0rKSHop

When was the darkroom invente Leonardo da Vinci put the word of Camera Obscura as his writing record in the century 14th. After Louis Daguerre invented the daguerreotype process and it developed to the darkroom as worked in the tent or dark room to develop the film and papers processing in the 18 century

cira 1940

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” 
― Ansel Adams

photograher Dark Room 1950’s

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

 Ansel Adams
cira 1950

“I Believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers  Mahatma Gandhi

The camera obscura used by the ancients embodied within it the principle of the photographic camera but was lacking, as yet, in one essential ingredient : and this was a means by which a permanent record could be made of the scene projected by the lens.

Modern film photography depends for its success on the fact that chemicals, most notably the bromide and chloride of silver, are affected by the pattern of light and shade can become visible by a series of appropriate manipulations involving treating the film with chemicals. Although straightforward enough, this principle long eluded capture. Amongst the first to investigate the action of light on chemicals was the German scientist Johann Heinrich Schulze who showed in 1725 that a solution of silver nitrate and chalk held in a glass bottle darkens when placed out in the sun. Almost a century later, Thomas Wedgewood, son of Josiah Wedgewood, the founder of the pottery empire, made an interesting experiment in which leaves and other botanical specimens were placed over paper moistened with silver nitrate. When left in the sun, the border which received light darkened leaving a clear silhouette of the opaque object.

undefined The first person to succeed in creating a permanent image using a camera obscura was a Frenchman named Joseph Nicephore
France is often regarded as the birthplace of photography.
Niepce was experimenting as early as 1816 with a camera obscura hoping to record a picture on a chemically treated stone
used bitumen spread over a pewter plate as his sensitive surface and succeeded in obtaining a positive picture in a camera obscur
. This crude photograph requiring a camera exposure of about eight hours is the world’s first photograph taken in a camera and is still in existence today.


Louis Daguerre was a contemporary of Niepce and worked in the show business, staging dioramas with
spectacular lighting effects.
Daguerre’s invention was made public in 1839 and became an instant success worldwide. The first successful portrait in America using this method was of Miss Catherine Draper; it was made in 1840


 While the world was witnessing the marvel of the daguerreotype, a quiet revolution was taking place in England. William Henry Fox Talbot, landowner and amateur scientist, found himself fascinated with the camera obscura and began his own experiments trying to record a scene on sensitized paper

The would-be artist was William Henry Fox Talbot (1800–1877). A graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, and a recently elected Liberal member of Parliament in the House of Commons, Talbot was a true polymath.
His intellectual curiosity of  of mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, and botany; philosophy and philology; Egyptology, the classics, and art history. He had published four books and twenty-seven scholarly articles on a variety of subjects and was a fellow of the Astronomical, Linnean, and Royal Societies.  ” I found that the faithless pencil had only left traces on the paper melancholy to behold.” He was quoted saying
A young English gentleman on his honeymoon sat sketching by the shore of Lake Como early in October 1833, one eye pressed close to a camera lucida. 

It seemed a simple task to trace the features of the village buildings, lake, and distant mountains with his pencil. But alas, it only seemed simple, he later recalled, “for when the eye was removed from the prism—in which all looked  beautiful . Talbot worked little on his invention between the sunny days of 1835 and January 1839, when the stunning news arrived that a Frenchman, Deguerre had invented a wholly different means of recording camera pictures with dazzling precision on metal plates
Talbot next tried making pictures in a camera obscura. By 1842 he had devised a satisfactory method of obtaining a negative.
Talbot spent the last twenty-five years of his life developing and perfecting an effective photogravure process.

ScRibBle PiT Pic
undefinedFox Talbot
An Illustrated Life of William Henry Fox Talbot, ‘Father of Modern Photography’, 1800 -1877

That Me DjP !

A Piece of the my Rag MAp QueSt.

A writer is a person who uses written words in various styles and techniques to communicate their ideas. Writers produce various forms of literary art and creative writing such as novels, shorts and then there me!

And that’s Me Djp58.Com, The. L’ Aubergiste, who is Blogging The RagBag Corner News

It\s best I explained what brings me here

 As Inn- Keeper Creator, Challenge To      Uses Written Words Various Styles And Techniques To Communicate  My  Ideas, Quirky, Off Beat Scripts Of  Various Forms  Literary Art  Creative With Humor  Such As Novels, Short  The  Initials me David James Paterson …The Numbers;  I Assure You Is Not My Waist Measurement Or Current Weight In Lbs.

 Let’s Begin; A Few details on This RagPlus Map Quest.  It’s Only In The Morning …Except Yesterday It Was A Little Past 1pm. Last Thursday Between 8am Or 9pm Maybe?. Not Sure …I Do Know It Was Before 2am Friday Morning / When A Metaphoric Moment Came. It was “The Unconscious Formation of Conscious Information Became the Moment an Astonishing Assault within The Boundaries of the right, seem leap to the left then a list of all my Forgotten or neglected Endeavors. I Remembered What Professor Susan Greenfield, petite a brunette, mysterious brown eyes, impeccable fashion and style, always there , never judge , a pure and wonderful Said “Every Mental Image Has To Be Constructed In Our Heads. We Create A Highly Personal Inner World … Using Our Knowledge Of Everything We’ve Ever Seen In The Past To Imagine What Is There.”  Metaphorically A Moment When Inner World Can Emerge, Clash, Multiple Versions Of Oneself, Dissociative Identity Disorder, sadly Schizophrenia

  Stage V – now What? Left, Right, then it’s settled  “Loop Sided” -now shut the door 

Yikes!!!   “The Moment Of Choice” …Go For It I Say… Therefore Let’s Order
I’ll Have Rum Toddy, Gin Martini X 3 Straight Up 1 Olive.  Then I’ll The Jenny Craig Appetizer 43. Cheese Curls

 A Delicious, Crunchy Snack Lightly Seasoned With Cheddar Cheese And Sea Salt. One Of Our Best Sellers… Don’t Feel Guilty About Eating The Whole Bag! This Savory Sensation Is Low In Saturated Fat 160 Cal 0% Fibre. …Some Much Information About The Same Snack Labelled As Junk Food “Cheetos”

 So You Must Right This Down.. As I looked Around I Then Glanced At Table 2. Ambrose, A Lovely Danish Women the Vegetarian Whitch -A –Call- It-tingy.  Was Fab …I’ll Order 2 with Some Teriyaki Dish Every Body Talking About, At the Checkout Line at the Pickle Barrel Deli? Wow…Served With Chicken Fried Rice I Have A Triple Order. Then With An Instance Flash Of Polaroid Model 32. I Had Digressed … Alas Stage 6 …. The Waitress Just Pull Up Angry, a Copper Skillet in one Hand and now Parked Out Front But Where’s my Food… I Think This Is It.. A  Seductive Time In A Significant Complex It Is Now A   Symbolic Reckoning; A Political   Decision Where The Power Might Lie To Decide Will There Be  By Authority Or Autonomy: 

   Well…  It Is My Responsibility For Making This Choice. 

MAKING THIS CHOICE. SO…..my solemn oath



RaGbaGs PASTISHE MONTHLY Newsletter March 2019

March an incredible time as it seems. 1st Solistries Thinking of what the unpredictable days .” Ides of the March”, Ole The Luck of The Irish “. Maple Syrup Please Pancake Tuesday Yummy. Spring Break, must not forgot. Golf courses are destine holidays, Disney World, … Baseball Spring Training .for me Garden Season ….djp



DjP’s RagBag Corner NewsMarch 2019


I Sweden added the date to its 1712calendar following an earlier calendar error; the Soviet Union observed February 30 in 1930 and 1931 in an attempt to cut seven-day weeks into five-day weeks and to introduce 30-day months for every working month. 😤

🔊 RagBag Pg.1 Around the World in March2019

Purim – 15 March 2019

Jews around the world ceLooklebrate Purim, which begins this year on the evening of 15 March and ends the next night. The holiday commemorates an episode said to date to the 4th Century BC, recorded in the Book of Esther, in which a plot to kill all of the Persian empire’s Jews was foiled by the Jews’ leader Mordechai and by the king’s Jewish wife, Esther. The holiday is traditionally celebrated with gifts, recitations and a celebratory meal. Here, Haredi Jews read from the Book of Esther in a synagogue in Bnei Brak, Israel. But it is in Tel Aviv that the celebration is one of the liveliest, with a massive street party and live music.

Okuda San Miguel Murrel’s

Entrevista al artista multidisplinar Okuda San Miguel, con motivo de la apertura de la Galeria especializada en post-graffiti Ink and Movement

Las Fallas – Valencia Spain 15 to 19 March

From 15 to 19 March, the Spanish city of Valencia explodes – sometimes literally – with the festival of Las Fallas. The city’s different quarters compete over who can have the most impressive volley of firecrackers, and on the final night, called the Night of Fire, enormous papier-mâché figures called ninots, often satirizing politicians or other well-known figures, are burned in a blaze of glory. For those who prefer flowers to fire, there is also the Ofrenda de Flores a la Virgen de los Desamparados (Floral Offering to Our Lady of the Forsaken) on 17 and 18 March, when people wear traditional regional dress, dance to folk music and offer bouquets to the Virgin Mary’s


Full supermoon on March 2019 equinox

March02 – Use Big Dipper to find North Star March 03 – Use Big Dipper to locate Hunting Dogs March 04 – tangle of stars in Berenices’ Hair Mar 5 -A mysterious star called Epsilon Aurigae March 6 – Summer Triangle, signpost for all seasons March 7-10 Young Moon after sunset March 10-12moon bypasses Mars

Grey Whale Watching

Grey whale watching – all month

From January until the beginning of April, some 10,000 grey whales gather along Mexico’s Baja Peninsula to mate and give birth. These gentle giants of the sea world, at up to 16m long and 40 tonnes, are otherwise quite elusive, spending most of their time underwater. During whale-watching season, though, it is common for them to swim right up to tourists’ boats – sometimes even allowing themselves to be stroked. (Omar Torres/AFP/Getty)

Holi – 17 March 2014

According to Hindu tradition, the god Krishna, who had a dark complexion, worried the fair-skinned goddess Radha would never accept him. Krishna’s mother, frustrated, told him to colour Radha’s face however he wanted. Today, Hindus around the world celebrate Krishna’s playful application of colour to Radha’s face by doing the same, with people painting one another’s faces, frolicking in the streets and spraying coloured water and powders, as shown here in Vrindavan, India. This year, the holiday takes place on 17 March. Celebrations happen throughout India, but for one of the most boisterous, vivacious festivals, head to Delhi, which includes the traditional Street dancing & colour throwing. India Truly a Nation who celebrates LIFE!


Among Nostradamus’ more dire predictions about the future is the threat of international war destabilizing global security. Nostradamus’ followers point to a particular passage, Quatrain Century VIII, which mentions the East weakening the West. Century VIII 59-60 reads: “Twice put up and twice cast down, the East will also weaken the West. “It’s adversary after several battles chased by sea will fail at time of need. “First in Gaul first in Romania, over land and sea will be against the English and the Parisians. “Marvelous deeds by that great troop, violent, the wild beast will lose Lorraine. “Further passages in the same quatrain speak of the “holy temple” being plundered, France falling to ruin and a butcher “gaining an empire through force. AND WORLD WAR 3, shall be 27 years…  “CONFLICT IN THE 21ST CENTURY “ 


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Penquins on the run? The D. Report explains

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City Streets- ‘Whoo- da-Thunk?’

 I’m sure like all of us. your city is routed mostly by its streets. Each one named, but why that name? 1,607 Canadian communities have a Main St. The number one though is 2nd street with 2,022. Whooda Thunk? What about all the other street names.  would they probably have a window into local history,  from every different layer of a city’s past.
The city I have chosen for my first Whoo-da -Thunk?   is Hamilton Ontario

George Hamilton (1788–1836) was a Canadian merchant and politician, who founded the city of Hamilton, Ontario.
Hamilton, Ontario, incorporated as a city in 1846 with a population 6,832. Population is now 747,545. Feb 8, 2017
And the street I chose Aberdeen. So let start at the very beginning and follow the yellow brick road…..Here we go,,,

Off to Aberdeen
Scotland I believe 

Nature provides the wherewithal for Aberdeenshire’s “water of life”. Whether it’s the toasted barley from the fertile farmlands, the ice-clear mountain water from burns and springs, the smoky peats and heather honey from heath and moors, or simply the sparkling fresh air – the whisky distilleries are busy bottling the essence of this beautiful place.

Ava Gardner
‎”I wish to live to 150 years old, but the day I die, I wish it to be with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other.”



Lord John Hamilton-Gordon : 1st Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair

Aberdeen Ave in Hamilton Ontario,  was named after Lord John Hamilton-Gordon, 1st Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair) & Lady Aberdeen, Ishbel Hamilton-Gordon, Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair). They lived in Hamilton on Bay Street South (1890-1898) with their four children. They presided over the opening of the Hamilton Public Library on September 16, 1890.Lord Aberdeen was appointed Governor General of Canada in 1893

“Unmatch’d at the bottle, unconquer’d in war. He drank his poor god-ship as deep as the sea; No tide of the Baltic e’erdrunker than he.” ―   Robert Burns

The D. Report

Hola puedo tener tu atención

Bonjour puis-je avoir votre attention

undefined THE VOTER

Conservatism: The Politics of Ignorance and Self-Interest

Conservatism goes beyond merely conserving the past; it also is uneasy with change, even suspicious of it, and is reluctant to embrace it. There is a certain fear among conservatives that change won’t necessarily add to the quality of life and should therefore be viewed with suspicion.Conservative economics generally revolve around the idea that the best economic model is a form of capitalism based on principles they call “free enterprise
This economic model supplements the view that government power is normally counterproductive by extending that concept to a cynical view of government involvement in the marketplace. Most conservatives take as their economic model Adam Smith’s 18th-century treatise on economics, “The Wealth of Nations,”a theory of free-enterprise capitalis

Who Are The Conservatives?

white, more than three-quarters male,. Most were from upper-class backgrounds or from the management of corporations. The presence of large numbers of religious fundamentalists. Yet another group of conservatives are middle class (mostly) men of limited education who feel alienated and victimized by liberal policies which they feel have not been to their benefit. These men often come from poor and working class backgrounds and fail to realize that their upward mobility was often made possible by the very liberal policies, such as the numerous social programs. made possible by the very liberal policies, they now angrily denounce

Doug Ford speaks ‘For the People’ – just not low-income people. 
Inclusive government seeking to be fair to the entire community is more easily promised than delivered. Especially when some on the far left or far right view “fairness” as a code word used by elites to camouflage pandering to various special interests. This project, abruptly cut short, was being watched carefully around the world by business, governments, NGOs and the media. It is obvious that a failure to reduce the gap between rich and poor is a threat to a balanced economic model that

accommodates growth, investment, profits 1 14 and equality of opportunity .ttifogging bureaucratic welfare systems such as Ontario Works actively discourage employment, entrap people in poverty and build no bridges out of poverty. T11he pilot project was testing an approach that treated those below the poverty line with respect, as human beings who can manage their own lives. It provided an automatic top-up from 45 per cent of the poverty line to 75 per cent with real incentive to work. This mirrors the Davis-era 1975 Guaranteed Annual Income Supplement for seniors (GAINS). It had bipartisan support and was then adopted nationwide. It slashed the poverty rate among seniors to less than 5 per cent from 35 per cent.Looking at the cost of the pilot project is fair enough – but frankly, simplistic. We know that poverty is a perfect predictor of poor health and early hospitalization, bad educational outcomes, substance abuse and problems with the police – all of which cost Ontario billions. The vast majority of the guests of Her Majesty in our prisons come from 

There are 10 % of our fellow Ontarians’, live below the poverty line. So if the pilot had revealed that health-care usage was diminished, wellness improved, workplace participation increased, educational achievement enhanced and policing challenges diluted, how much would that have been worth? Do the Ford Nation conservatives even care to find out?The Premier’s laudable goal to reduce “corridor medicine” would benefit from fewer people anthologies of poverty showing up

Ford/PC, Government actions are all so boringly predictable that no one should be surprised. Conservative agendas persist in pursuing failed economic policies like “austerity”, trickle-down economics and laissez faire attitudes toward the psycho-sociopath corporate world…. Add to that the horrifically intolerant/bullying messages springing up under Conservative parties that demonize the already un-privileged elements of society and the equally punitive and utter failure of the “law & order” doctrine

Ford-land his ilk are perfectly prepared to return to the Dickensian atrocities respecting social welfare that have never really disappeared despite 150 years of ostensible “reforms”. The most morally reprehensible actions involve throwing vulnerable children once again to the human wolves who prey on

them, and throwing away any pretense of trying to preserve a live able environment. Humanity is a scourge on the earth. The maniacal, ego driven minds of people like Mr. Ford, Mr. Kenny et al are its Pied Pipers – those who vote for them will pay the piper – unfortunately so will those who do not believe their nonsense..He’s Lunatic Man


The. worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn’t know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, but it all depends on political decisions. It is the power of government we all look for either to thank or blame. The political illiterate are elected. Our right to vote put them in office.
hame on you! . Donald Trump; A Pathological Hypocrite; spends LM his life cheating, betraying, conning, and deceiving. … If the moral scales in his life seem to be skewed beyond all recognition, you like him a pathological hypocrite—or this strikes you as an unlikely political slogan, take a look around. Plagued by deep cynicism and a profound mistrust of institutions, voters seem increasingly ready to place their confidence in the hands of a very specific sort of leader: the wealthy.