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IT!’a new Day!, it’s a new Month, it,’ July & RagBaggers Summer 2019 has arrived . And as a Canadian we kick off the first day of the month..


Happy Canada Day! Kicks off the month July 1st we as Nation are 152 years young..


Together We Are Canada

By: Leanne Guenther: is a mom, website owner and sometimes poet.  She was born in Saskatchewan, Canada on September 30, 1970.  Her husband, two daughters and multitude of pets provide most of the inspiration for just about everything she does.creator of DLTK’s Educational Activities for Kids. My main passion is crafts for kids, but every so often I get inspired to write a poem, story or play. Her passion; crafts for kids, her creatively so often inspired her to write a poem, story or play. salutes you as why we are a great nation are people like You

My name is British Columbia
The jewel of the West Coast.
Forestry and fishing are
The things that I do most.
And I’m Saskatchewan & Manitoba.
We’re the golden prairies
Where fields of wheat grow in the sun

Hi, I am Ontario
The home of government
To me each year the leaders
Of our democracy are sent .Bonjour, I am Quebec
Here French is my language too
When I want to ask “how are you?”
I say, “comment allez vous Newfoundland, New Brunswick
And Nova Scotia — those are we,
We are Atlantic Provinces
The three musketeers of the The Yukon, Nunavut and North West
Territories are up north.
Through ice and cold and polar bears
Few brave souls venture forth. ITogether we are Canada
One nation strong and free
With sharing, friends and happiness
Forever we will be! .”

Je m’appelle British Columbia Le joyau de la côte ouest. La foresterie et la pêche sont Les choses que je fais le plus. Salut je suis alberta Un genre d’endroit far west Avec des vaches et de l’huile et des montagnes Et beaucoup d’espace ouvert. Je suis manitob Et je suis la Saskatchewan Nous sommes les Prairies Dorées Où les champs de blé poussent au soleil Salut je suis Ontario La maison du gouvernement A moi chaque année les leaders De notre démocratie sont envoyés. Bonjour, je suis du Québec Ici le français est aussi ma langue Quand je veux demander “comment allez-vous?” Je dis “comment allez vous?” Terre-Neuve, Nouveau Brunswick Et la Nouvelle-Écosse – ce sont nous, Nous sommes les provinces de l’Atlantique Les trois mousquetaires de la mer. Je suis l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard Et je sais que je peux être petit Mais sans moi tous les autres Aurait pas de pommes de terre du tout. Yukon, Nunavut et Nord-Ouest Les territoires sont au nord. À travers la glace et le froid et les ours polaires Peu d’âmes courageuses s’aventurent. Ensemble nous sommes le Canada Une nation forte et libre Avec partage, amis et bonheur Pour toujours nous serons!

July is a month Nations around the Globe celeberate their love of Country with Pride .. Let’s us share their Glory.

 Statehood Day in Lithuania commemorates the coronation of Mindaugas as the first and only King of Lithuania. Born in the year 1200, Mindaugas is the first known Grand Duke and only King of Lithuania. Little is known about the King, his coronation and life however it is known that Mindaugas accepted Christianity and proclaimed the nation as Catholic The holiday has been officially celebrated since 1991 and res-established independence of Lithuania from the USSR.

National flag Turėti didelę nepriklausomybės dieną Luthuania

Continuing this ancient tradition, the contradas compete on horses around the town square of Siena, ITALY and August 16th.

Photo/Fabio Muzzi)



5th JulY : Independence Day:  CAPE VERDE ALGERIA & VENEZUELA


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