GRANNY at 105

Granny at 105

Being DjP ‘s RagBag News Corner is a sorted Mish Mash of… , a menagerie of this and that… tossed with an assorted ramblings of ideas, A monthly newsletter to read… Does a General Store with a mix of many things, seem like a good fit? What would I sell
Could this idea be compared to a Happy Birthday Party; at 1690 Boston Street South, on a quiet street on the south side of town, where Granny’s 105th birthday celebrations are under way . And a very different Party this one was πŸŽ‰

Party hats , balloons, a BBQ, a sing song dance-a -thon. A Two TTL Frutti Birthday theme Twotti Frutti Birthday Decorations, Twotti Frutti Birthday Banner’s & Balloons. A Tutsi Frutti Party where ….. they all began to laugh when remembering … Once “A gone Fishing sign hung on the back of Granny’s wheelchair; this was the story of her Late 3rd husband Don, bringing home a 20 kilo carp he caught as his her gift on her 85th. Granny took just 1 hour , to cook her birthday Fish. and make another batch of her famous Peach Berry Punch. it was absolutely delicious!

. Her most famous birthday of all. 25 PiΓ±atas, hung precariously around the room. Within 5 minutes all smashed by 14 small children attending the event. Tidbits of candy, tiny trinkets and miscellaneous things, flying everywhere & littered the entire floor. Granny wasn’t even sure which one of her great, great , great or just great grandchild, was the mother of all of those kids. When the clown arrived with a pony, who immediately pooped on the floor, everyone had enough. The staff at Vista Acres Retirement Villa, where Granny had lived for 30 years , kick her out. 9 seniors living at the Villa were coming downstairs slipped and fell because of all the candy scattered around the floor. They were on their way… to their Thursday afternoon Arts and Crafts class. Popsicle sticks and LePage’s glue was to be the creative build for the day.. Granny, was homeless at 99 and on her birthday to boot. It was one of the best parties she ever had.

The 350 guests attending today, truly was a celebration. But not a Birthday. Granny had died 4 years ago.
Everyone in the room that day had one thing in common, they loved her. Every time going to visit her, celebrating either a Mish Mash of hilarious events chit chats about town events, a hodgepodge of trivial facts; her kindness, her style, Granny’s zest for life, would shine every time.
The surprises, many chuckles; Granny was an incredible cook her delectable dishes she prepared & shared. Yet the heaps of peculiar treasures she had tuck away in her garage to sell, she was like no one else! Granny was always unpredictable!
A RagBag of Hodge Podge, News and a General Store? Definitely unpredictable!
There’s a few more case studies, to ponder over I’ll share in the months to come, and Yes

Daisy Iris “Granny” Smith

Daisy Iris Smith (Granny) of 1690 Boston St. South
She knew that nothing had to be something, where anything could be everything to be shared in one fun Bag!
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