Those rabbits, and the raccoons are the reason for all the fences around the plots. Sturdy fences, lazy fences, wobbly fences abound.β€œ”I have a floppy fence,” says David Paterson, “The raccoons won’t climb it.”On a good year, Paterson will haul enough vegetables out of his garden to make preserves that will sustain him until May. He grows celery, okra, beans, carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes.Last year, the tomato yield was seismic, so much so he donated crates full to 541 Eatery & Exchange on Barton Street.The former restaurant owner has been growing at the Dundas Community Gardens on Olympic Drive for 14 years.”One of the most important things we did here was put up a permanent fence,” he says. “It keeps the deer out and people. People would just drive up and fill their trunks with vegetables.”

Hamilton Sprectator

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