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Women: our next governing majority

My view, any hope for change is when Women become the majority  governing the countries of the world. A woman’s instincts and emotional intelligence, men lack . They seamlessly manage crisis and change and are turnaround experts – sensing and neutralizing any signs of danger well before it invades our path. It is because of the women in our family that we are well-organized, full of love, spiritually aligned and well-balanced. It's not about the battle between sex's just plain common sense. Katherine Wynne has shown Canada, Angela Merkel of Germany, and the beloved Queen Elizabeth II, Sovereign of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth, I bow to all of you. Thank you. 

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September 2018  National Affairscanada.marijuana


After a Senate vote of 52 to 29 in favour of Bill C-45, and an announcement by Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that recreational marijuana would officially be legal by mid-October of this year, the Cannabis Act is now officially law after receiving royal assent this morning.
Canadians will be able to legally light up beginning on October 17 of this year. The new law signals the end of a 95 year prohibition on non-medical cannabis.

O Canada

C-45 Royal Assent (2018-06-21)

An Act respecting cannabis and to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Criminal Code and other Acts

D’s Report

October 17th 2018 …  the day  marijuana is legal In Canada.

Canadians will be permitted to:

  1. purchase fresh or dried cannabis, cannabis oil, plants and seeds for cultivation from either a provincially or territorially regulated retailer, or 
  2. where that option is not available — directly from a federally licensed producer;
    possess up to 30 grams of dried legal cannabis or its equivalent in public
  3. Share up to 30 grams (or its equivalent) of legal cannabis and legal cannabis products with other adults
  4. Cultivate up to four plants at home (four plants total per household) and
  5.  Prepare various cannabis products (such as edibles) at home for personal use, provided that no dangerous organic solvents are used in the process.

And what will Canadians be asking?

When can I buy it?  Where can I buy it? How will I know what I’m buying? Can I bake it into brownies?  Can I drive high, smoke it at work, order on line and delivered   by Canada Post? 

Here we are. Whether fore or against as with prohibition during the last century. we are given the choice.  

From taxes collected to,  will the Black Market play a role if consumers feel underserviced in rural areas or a cheaper product from that what the government will regulate it prices as was done with alcohol. 

But with any luck, a decrease in crime, a few less lawyers padding their pockets for  those charged for possession,  maybe law enforcement review their workforce.

  Since the infamous War on Drugs  was declared in 1971 by U.S. Presidents  Richard Nixon “Public Enemy Number 1 or Ronald Regan in 1982  declared illicit drugs a threat to U.S. security and billions spent and still being spent, and 40years later. 

We have to evaluate every alternative, without excluding any possibility – from complete legalization to a second, different, war on drugs.”  

 It is Another wall that must come down not another one declared to be built.

For those who choose to have a toke, a brownie or a strawberry flavored lollipop infused with 150mg of THC,   sit down and watch the 6 o’clock news, and listen to Donald Trump cry out for the Death Penalty for his war on Drugs. It’s their choice now in Canada.. 

I’m so hungry..   Chips, pizza, chicken, Cake, ah what the heck.. a Large Poutine and box of Smarties too!      

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