RaGBaG M0nThlY PAsti¢hE NeWs Edition June 2019

April 1st and we’re not fooling, now the longest running month, 47 days till May. Year 2019 has declared, officially May won’t be here until until sometime mid-June. April has at least told March to move along as hippy hop, bring on those showers where are those Easter eggs?; Hey! that bunny, ate my bean sprouts. Decided to take the Fools Day of April 2019, postpone it until December 25th… All this confusion, has made me tired. I’ll be BacK… What’s Cooking is talking Indian CuiSine, and RaGbAGS retro Hippy Sac, Jazmyne confirms 36 orders, busy as Cinderella’s helpers on the eve of the village Ball…. Now that I think about it, I won’t be back . Who cares what daY IT is. DjP’s’ Spring Pastiche News has Arrived … T0ddle Loo Possum. Dame Edna has Left the R00m !!


ArT on CanVAS MeETs ThE DIGital AgE… and I Luv it

spring flowers

The canavas the oldest virtual medium
But through the lens of art, technology tells a completely different story. “Just as the internet has affected dating, travel and the way we see ourselves and understand the truth,” quoted from EVA Respin CURATOR, FOR the
Exhibition of 60 artists at the opening at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston USA. … RagBag it says

Oui ! RagBaG NewS says Yes ! It’s the BEGininG of an HIStorICAL EveNT

City Streets “Wh0da Thunk”

city street whoda thunk!

Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day. Dalai Lama


200 years in the making the photograph

Mystical, Definitive, Creative, Spiritual, the rite of Mask, an everyday accessories in the human physic.

. A realm of our universe, god like to worship spirits in the after life. To bring good luck ,be warned of evil we have embraced and created some of the most cherished symbols that define societies throughout the world today .Whether displayed as priceless artifacts in museum’s, replicas of such are sold in every tourist or cultural centre everywhere . From the chintzy discount store for Halloween , fashion runways of au couture designs as accessories we remain fascinated. So much history. it was a project of months research a 4 part series was the result. The Black Plague, the masquerade, festivals for the dead or the folklore seen as a significant part of a culture, remains today the rite of passage. Truly fascinating. Definitely RagBaG News!