City Streets- ‘Whoo- da-Thunk?’

 I’m sure like all of us. your city is routed mostly by its streets. Each one named, but why that name? 1,607 Canadian communities have a Main St. The number one though is 2nd street with 2,022. Whooda Thunk? What about all the other street names.  would they probably have a window into local history,  from every different layer of a city’s past.
The city I have chosen for my first Whoo-da -Thunk?   is Hamilton Ontario

George Hamilton (1788–1836) was a Canadian merchant and politician, who founded the city of Hamilton, Ontario.
Hamilton, Ontario, incorporated as a city in 1846 with a population 6,832. Population is now 747,545. Feb 8, 2017
And the street I chose Aberdeen. So let start at the very beginning and follow the yellow brick road…..Here we go,,,

Off to Aberdeen
Scotland I believe 

Nature provides the wherewithal for Aberdeenshire’s “water of life”. Whether it’s the toasted barley from the fertile farmlands, the ice-clear mountain water from burns and springs, the smoky peats and heather honey from heath and moors, or simply the sparkling fresh air – the whisky distilleries are busy bottling the essence of this beautiful place.

Ava Gardner
‎”I wish to live to 150 years old, but the day I die, I wish it to be with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other.”



Lord John Hamilton-Gordon : 1st Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair

Aberdeen Ave in Hamilton Ontario,  was named after Lord John Hamilton-Gordon, 1st Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair) & Lady Aberdeen, Ishbel Hamilton-Gordon, Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair). They lived in Hamilton on Bay Street South (1890-1898) with their four children. They presided over the opening of the Hamilton Public Library on September 16, 1890.Lord Aberdeen was appointed Governor General of Canada in 1893

“Unmatch’d at the bottle, unconquer’d in war. He drank his poor god-ship as deep as the sea; No tide of the Baltic e’erdrunker than he.” ―   Robert Burns