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Conservatism: The Politics of Ignorance and Self-Interest

Conservatism goes beyond merely conserving the past; it also is uneasy with change, even suspicious of it, and is reluctant to embrace it. There is a certain fear among conservatives that change won’t necessarily add to the quality of life and should therefore be viewed with suspicion.Conservative economics generally revolve around the idea that the best economic model is a form of capitalism based on principles they call “free enterprise
This economic model supplements the view that government power is normally counterproductive by extending that concept to a cynical view of government involvement in the marketplace. Most conservatives take as their economic model Adam Smith’s 18th-century treatise on economics, “The Wealth of Nations,”a theory of free-enterprise capitalis

Who Are The Conservatives?

white, more than three-quarters male,. Most were from upper-class backgrounds or from the management of corporations. The presence of large numbers of religious fundamentalists. Yet another group of conservatives are middle class (mostly) men of limited education who feel alienated and victimized by liberal policies which they feel have not been to their benefit. These men often come from poor and working class backgrounds and fail to realize that their upward mobility was often made possible by the very liberal policies, such as the numerous social programs. made possible by the very liberal policies, they now angrily denounce

Doug Ford speaks ‘For the People’ – just not low-income people. 
Inclusive government seeking to be fair to the entire community is more easily promised than delivered. Especially when some on the far left or far right view “fairness” as a code word used by elites to camouflage pandering to various special interests. This project, abruptly cut short, was being watched carefully around the world by business, governments, NGOs and the media. It is obvious that a failure to reduce the gap between rich and poor is a threat to a balanced economic model that

accommodates growth, investment, profits 1 14 and equality of opportunity .ttifogging bureaucratic welfare systems such as Ontario Works actively discourage employment, entrap people in poverty and build no bridges out of poverty. T11he pilot project was testing an approach that treated those below the poverty line with respect, as human beings who can manage their own lives. It provided an automatic top-up from 45 per cent of the poverty line to 75 per cent with real incentive to work. This mirrors the Davis-era 1975 Guaranteed Annual Income Supplement for seniors (GAINS). It had bipartisan support and was then adopted nationwide. It slashed the poverty rate among seniors to less than 5 per cent from 35 per cent.Looking at the cost of the pilot project is fair enough – but frankly, simplistic. We know that poverty is a perfect predictor of poor health and early hospitalization, bad educational outcomes, substance abuse and problems with the police – all of which cost Ontario billions. The vast majority of the guests of Her Majesty in our prisons come from 

There are 10 % of our fellow Ontarians’, live below the poverty line. So if the pilot had revealed that health-care usage was diminished, wellness improved, workplace participation increased, educational achievement enhanced and policing challenges diluted, how much would that have been worth? Do the Ford Nation conservatives even care to find out?The Premier’s laudable goal to reduce “corridor medicine” would benefit from fewer people anthologies of poverty showing up

Ford/PC, Government actions are all so boringly predictable that no one should be surprised. Conservative agendas persist in pursuing failed economic policies like “austerity”, trickle-down economics and laissez faire attitudes toward the psycho-sociopath corporate world…. Add to that the horrifically intolerant/bullying messages springing up under Conservative parties that demonize the already un-privileged elements of society and the equally punitive and utter failure of the “law & order” doctrine

Ford-land his ilk are perfectly prepared to return to the Dickensian atrocities respecting social welfare that have never really disappeared despite 150 years of ostensible “reforms”. The most morally reprehensible actions involve throwing vulnerable children once again to the human wolves who prey on

them, and throwing away any pretense of trying to preserve a live able environment. Humanity is a scourge on the earth. The maniacal, ego driven minds of people like Mr. Ford, Mr. Kenny et al are its Pied Pipers – those who vote for them will pay the piper – unfortunately so will those who do not believe their nonsense..He’s Lunatic Man


The. worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn’t know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, but it all depends on political decisions. It is the power of government we all look for either to thank or blame. The political illiterate are elected. Our right to vote put them in office.
hame on you! . Donald Trump; A Pathological Hypocrite; spends LM his life cheating, betraying, conning, and deceiving. … If the moral scales in his life seem to be skewed beyond all recognition, you like him a pathological hypocrite—or this strikes you as an unlikely political slogan, take a look around. Plagued by deep cynicism and a profound mistrust of institutions, voters seem increasingly ready to place their confidence in the hands of a very specific sort of leader: the wealthy.