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The Book Shelf – The PiT’s  unusual scribble picks

January 1926: A physician in Moultrie, Georgia determined that the cause of 12-year-old Mellzo McCoy’s upset stomach was the boy’s appetite for the family Bible. By the time this diagnosis was made, Mellzo had already devoured the entire volume, except for the covers and two pages on which the family record was kept. Mellzo’s father said he knew his son sometimes ate dirt, but he had no idea about his Bible eating habit.

Marilyn      Monroe         The Lost Tele- Chats Chronicles.        A  LOop sided SciBbLe  Pit Exclusive

Barely a mouthful, but yet a tasty  nugget a noisette,  a mere driblet sampling. I thought, a tad more than a nubbin, definitely a smigeon less than morsel…a  speck more, my suspicion, a hint this snippet will be a bit of a chew Well it, just took one  smigen to lick then a quick, lap, a wee sip then gulp… Being so, naughty  I swallowed it. But all I wanted was a Nibble in the first place.. What kind of a lady, do they think I am?

Sure,  Ya No Oh My

The Lettuce Cigarette

Bravo Smokes                                                               were a nicotine-free cigarette — made out of cured lettuce leaves. They were invented by the chemist Puzant Torigian, who determined that lettuce leaves were the best tobacco substitute, after he also tested kale, grape, cabbage, kohlrabi, spinach, carrot, peanut, tomato leaves, and sugar beet tops. Bravo Smokes went on the market in 1965, but received consistently bad reviews, such as, “worse than dried buggy whip or coffee grounds in a newspaper wrapper.” Torigian’s company went out of business in 1972, but he eventually managed to find new investors and brought Bravo Smokes back to market in the late 1990s. The second-time around, the company stayed in business for over a decade.